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    Development of Performance Guarantees

We can help you improve the performance of your vendors by developing Performance Guarantees that reflect Industry Standards and Best Practices. Most vendors are willing to put 10% (or higher) of their full capitation rate at risk for achieving a level of performance that is consistent with the goals you have established for your benefits. In addition to standard phone metrics, we look for opportunities to push the envelope by identifying new ways to ensure performance that are both challenging and achievable. For our clients pursuing benefits integration and wellness initiatives, we have developed guarantees that ensure the documentation and effectiveness of warm transfers, coordination of care work flows and data integration protocols.

Based on our experience, we will present you with options for performance guarantees and the methodologies that we recommend for measuring your vendors’ performance. We will also help you add the guarantees to your vendor contracts and support you in performance guarantee negotiations.

Through the development of performance guarantees, we have helped our customers (link to customers list) enhance their ability to measure vendor performance and achieve substantial savings while making significant improvements in service delivery.

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