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    Medical/Behavioral Integration Consulting

A current area of focus for us is Medical/Behavioral Integration Consulting. We can analyze the current state of medical/behavioral vendor coordination and then, develop a project plan for achieving an appropriate level of functional integration between EAP/behavioral health and medical management, condition management, disease management, disability management and pharmacy management services. We can also help with effective coordination between services delivered by health advocates and EAP/behavioral health services. Medical/Behavioral integration has the potential to deliver substantial savings.

Through our Medical/Behavioral Integration Consulting, we have developed a model that illustrates health resource integration and serves as a tool for informing your vendor partners about the requirements of effective service integration. The Health System Matrix can be used to identify key interactions between various health resources that are necessary to establish and maintain functional integration. The Health System Matrix is generally introduced in a Vendor Summit that we can help to plan and facilitate. Our Medical/Behavioral Integration Consulting also identifies reporting requirements for vendors that document elements of functional integration such as inbound and outbound warm transfers. We can also develop performance guarantees that are directly related to maintaining effective functional integration between vendors.

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