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    Health Benefit Audits and Evaluations

We have conducted program evaluations and audits for most of our customers. We provide a thorough review of all key program elements and compare them to industry standards and best practices. Our evaluation report clearly illustrates how your vendor compares with established standards and with current fees and financial outcomes. In every area of identified deficiency, we recommend action steps that can be taken to improve the performance and price competitiveness of your vendor’s service delivery. Based on our many years of experience, we know that the action steps we recommend are reasonable and we are certain that your vendors can execute them effectively.

We have a range of evaluations/audits including a brief Gap Analysis as well as a Full Service Audit. In almost all cases, the fees for our audits are covered by measurable savings resulting from our Audit recommendations.

In some cases, after completion of an audit, our customers have requested that we develop an RFP process. In these cases, we are able to do so effectively.

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