Consulting Services

   Employee Assistance and Behavioral Health Clinical Quality Assurance

For many of our customers, we conduct clinical quality assurance consulting. To evaluate the quality of service delivery, we conduct HIPAA compliant case reviews, make test calls to vendor service centers and we interview network counselors and treatment providers. Through these services, we have been able to deliver significant improvements in service delivery and clinical outcomes. We have also worked with vendors to develop preferred provider networks to ensure that our customers get the customer service, clinical competence and outcomes that they are paying for. Our recommendations have been implemented by virtually all of the major employee assistance and behavioral heath vendors in the U.S.

Some sample improvements include:

· Increasing the percentage of participants that receive follow-up to ensure engagement
· Reducing in “no-show” rates
· Increasing provider competence in developing measurable care plans using behavioral objectives with corresponding improvements in outcomes
· Significantly increasing the percentage of cases that are resolved through capitated EAP counseling
· Consistent use of Case Closing Summaries that track outcomes
· Increasing provider satisfaction with vendors
· Increasing provider awareness of the full range of customer benefits that can be helpful to participants
· Increases in the identification of co-morbid conditions
· And many other improvements in clinical performance

In most cases, delivering direct savings for our customers pays for our fees.

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