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    Benefits Benchmarking

David J. Hay and Associates provides benchmarking of health benefits, behavioral health, employee assistance, work/life benefits and related services. We will conduct benefits benchmarking to your specifications and target your market sector and the companies that you typically benchmark against. With our benefits benchmarking, we have been able to obtain benchmark data from over 90% of target companies and have consistently delivered the information that out customers are looking for within the specified time period. Our reports include:

· Benchmark data in side-by-side comparisons (by company)
· Relative ranking of your organization
· Identification of best practices
· Recommendations for remaining competitive
· Development of plans for achieving your objectives

Recent benefits benchmarking projects have included:

· On-site medical services
· Health Coaching
· Wellness websites
· Behavioral health design
· Employee Assistance services
· Adoption benefits
· Short term disability plan design
· Back-up childcare
· Behavioral health provider fees by level of care

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