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    Behavioral Health Consulting

Whether your organization’s behavioral health benefit is “carved in” or “carved out”, we can help.

Plan Design: Through behavioral health consulting, we can help you decide whether a “carve out” or a “carve in” makes most sense for you organization. We can compare your plan design to a variety of options that are tied to specific goals and objectives and make design recommendations that are compliant with State and Federal Parity Legislation.

Price/Fees: (if “carved out”) We can compare your current pricing to market ASO rates based on recent ASO benchmarking data. If fees are above market, we can help you negotiate a fee reduction without impacting negatively on outcomes. Additionally, our behavioral health consulting database includes provider fees for all levels of care, which we can compare to the provider rates that your vendor has negotiated with service providers.

Performance: Through behavioral health consulting, we can conduct an evaluation and audit that compares performance and utilization data delivered by your vendor to our database of key performance metrics based on industry standards and best practices. For example, we can evaluate the extent to which your vendor has developed a provider network using clinicians that practice evidence-based care and the outcome methodology used by your vendor to show value. We can provide you with benchmark data on key metrics such as admission rates, average length of stay, outpatient visits per 1000 and outpatient visits utilized per course of treatment. We can evaluate the extent to which your vendor makes use of alternatives to inpatient care. We can also evaluate your vendor’s reporting template to identify any gaps in reporting of aggregate information that would be useful to you.

Through our Behavioral Health Consulting, we have been able to identify and resolve gaps in service delivering and reporting that have added significant value to our customers’ behavioral care management services.

We can also develop and execute an RFP process to help you identify the best in class vendor that meets or exceeds your service requirements.

In most cases, delivering direct savings for our customers pays for our fees.

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